Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shirred Dress

Not only is this the very first time I've ever sewn clothing for myself, it's also the very first time I've worn a dress since 1993. I got the fabric from Spotlight, on clearance for $2 a metre, and I have enough left over to make a dress for Ella (although I'm not sure about us having matching clothes =p) The photos aren't the best due to bad lighting and me having to take them myself since there's no one else around, but you get the general idea.

After seeing my legs in this picture I'm thinking a day in the sun would not be a bad idea! I could definitely do with some colour.

Also, I've discovered that the best thing about making my own clothing is that I can put the straps wherever I want. With this one I put my bra on underneath and then marked the straps exactly where my bra goes, so now I can wear a bra with it and I don't have bra straps poking out!

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