Monday, February 16, 2009

Sewing Room Storage

My new storage area for all my bits and pieces :) Aaron and I spent an entire afternoon looking for a small cheap bookcase and after scouring 6 different furniture stores, including ones specialising in second-hand furniture, we didn't find anything suitable (and by suitable I mean NOT $185!) It was at this point that Aaron suddenly remembered that he can make things out of wood and offered to make one for me. So off we went to Bunnings to get some wood and some paint and in less than an hour my shelves were done! The shelves cost $35 to make and the paint was $15, so $50 in total. Not bad. We only used a tiny amount of the paint (which is called "Unicorn Blue" - I love it!!) so there's a lot left and now I'm free to go crazy painting everything else =p


  1. Awesome! I love the colour!
    I keep wanting to paint my awful shelves, then remember the drama you had with your other ones!

  2. These ones were MUCH easier to paint than the other ones, it only took one thin coat and it's all nice and smooth.

    You should still try painting yours. We used acrylic craft paint on the other ones so that might have been part of the problem. For these ones we used regular house paint and it worked perfectly!

  3. That is soo Awesome Kylie, Maybe... Whilst he's out of work, he could make small wooden things and sell them at the markets.. or on ebay or something? He should make me a bookcase. Yes yes he should!