Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shirring Elastic

So it seems that every sewing shop in my entire town is out of shirring elastic. I went to Spotlight, Textile Traders, Big W, even the ridiculously expensive sewing boutique next to Textile Traders.


At the last place I went to I asked if there was anywhere else that I could try and they confirmed that the entire town is out and no one knows when they'll be getting more. Aaron's mum joked that the reason for the shortage is because I've bought it all =p

I am *considering* driving to the nearest town (which is an hour away!) to get some. I guess I should probably call them in advance though and make sure they have some.

And just so this post isn't just me whining, here's a picture of the quilt I made for Jayden last night...

I'm hoping Miffy isn't too 'cute and girly' for a boy!

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  1. Nope- Col's brother Nat loved Miffy when he was a kid, they even had a dog called Miffy, named after well, Miffy!