Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beads & Fimo Polymer Clay Earrings

My beads from ebay finally arrived, along with my polymer clay kit so Ella and I have been busy busy busy making earrings and other little trinkets. I don't have any pliers so I've been bending the little hooky parts with tweezers and my fingers and now I have big dents in my fingertips and they're all tender and sore. Must get some pliers! Anyways, here is the results...

My first attempt at using polymer clay! There's fingerprints all over them and little scratches everywhere but I love them =p

Ella made these ones and out of all the beaded ones they are my favourite :) She chose all the colours herself and threaded them on, then I twisted the top for her to attach them to the earring hook.

Bit boring...

Don't really like these ones much

A little bracelet to go with the earrings Ella made

The lighting was terrible when I took this picture so the colours came out kind of weird. The butterflies are meant to be silver and the beads are a soft pink.

Again, very bad lighting!

My second attempt with polymer clay and it didn't turn out much better than my first =p These are supposed to be the little blue ghost from Pacman but they look kind of spazzy. Hopefully no one will look too closely at my ears though so the spazziness won't be as obvious as it is in this close-up.

Lucky 4 leaf clovers! :)


  1. oooh the four leaf clovers are my favourite! I didn't know you were going to make jewellery!

  2. I like the ones with the butterflies and pink beads:-) Im going to subscribe to your blog. Your very creative:-)

  3. Ren: I didn't know either! lol. I was looking through my jewellery box for a pair of earrings a few weeks ago and realised that I don't have one single matching pair left. I was going to buy some from madeit or etsy and then I figured it would probably be a lot cheaper just to do it myself.

    Tin: Thank you :)