Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ella's Felt Photo Frame

Ella has been off school for the last 7 days with Swine Flu so it was the perfect opportunity to do some art and craft :) One of our projects was a photo frame made out of felt. We cut a rectangle of felt, then I got Ella to stitch around the outside with some red embroidery thread. After she'd finished stitching we measured the size of a photo and cut out the middle part just a little bit smaller than a photo (so the photo sits behind it), then she stitched around that part too. Next comes the fun part - decorating! Ella raided my sewing boxes and chose buttons, ribbons, little flower embellishments and some bows.

Concentrating very hard!

The end result

I have many many more projects and pictures to post but it's going to take a while so I think I'll space them out a bit and do one every few days.

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