Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sandbox Makeover

Hello! It's been a while... Today I bring to you my sandbox makeover!

We bought a sandbox a few years ago and Ella used to love it, but then when we moved houses we emptied all the sand out of it and never refilled it. For the last 1.5 years it's been leaning against our back fence in pieces and the weather had damaged it quite a bit, taken off all the varnish and left awful marks all over it. Anyways, the other day I got this brilliant idea to turn it into a little play area for Jayden for the summer. I already had a tin of bright blue paint that was leftover from another project, then I got some foam alphabet squares ($15 from the Reject Shop for a huge pack of them) and put them in the bottom so that he has something soft to sit on when he is playing outside.

This is the 'before' picture. Nasty!!

And this is the 'after' picture. When I was picturing it in my head I wasn't sure if the colour of the paint would 'go' with the foam squares colours, but I think it turned out perfectly :)

I originally intended it to be for Jayden but Ella seems to like it too =p Jayden wouldn't sit still for a photo but Ella was happy to pose.

Our backyard gets the full sun for most of the day so there's not really any shady areas to put it, but I think that I can rig up something using the clothesline and a large blanket or sheet that will provide a bit of cover.


  1. It looks great! So colourful - and it matches your blog!