Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Pink, One Green!

I have finished both kid's hats =D I'm in the middle of doing a scarf for Ella to match her hat and I was going to wait until that was done before I posted pictures but I'm too impatient! No scarf for Jayden because he pulls it off after 3 seconds. He loves his hat though!! He fell asleep wearing it today but it fell off while he was asleep and when he woke up he was frantic trying to find it to put it back on his head.

It's funny how in my last post I said that next time I'd do some ribbing at the bottom and that I would use bigger needles, and then I went and made the exact same hat again without ribbing and without bigger needles =p It does curl up a little bit without the ribbing but I still like the way it looks.


  1. I love those hats, is there anything you cant do????? you are the craftiest person i know who can do just about anything crafty!

  2. Awesome Kylie, I love them both! Keep up the craftiness xx

  3. On a whim I stopped by to see if you've updated lately and you have! The hats look so cute!
    Are you knitting these on the round?

  4. I love curling personally. *shrugs* But that's just me, i know alot of people don't.
    But i also hate pooling in 99% of knitting, and i know people who love it.

    They look great!! So glad your pom poms turned out XD You will have to tell me the trick LOL