Friday, July 31, 2009


No pictures today! Although I do have some coming. Today I have a question... does anyone have any ideas for fancy ways to display handmade crafts at a market? By handmade crafts I mean things like hair clips and doll's dresses and the like. I've made up some little cards with my "Popsicles & Polkadots" logo which I'm going to attach the clips to, but then what? Do I just sit them all on a table? Also, doll's dresses? I'm planning on taking a few of Ella's dolls so I can demonstrate what size dolls they fit, but how can I display dresses that aren't being worn? I also want to get something like this for kiddy sized clothes.

I'm getting way ahead of myself here since the markets in our area don't even start until spring/summer, but I just want to get some ideas so I can be prepared! I'm not even sure if selling handmade things there is a good idea. Most of the market stalls are people selling their old second-hand junk, but there are usually people selling things like handmade soaps and cosmetics and handmade jams etc, plus people selling plants and fruit/vegetables, so I guess it's worth a try.

Tell me your ideas people!! (all two of you who read this haha)

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  1. String and mini pegs! My two favourite things in the world, lol. Markets sound like fun! It's a good thing if most people only sell junk- you're stuff will stand out! Markets here are already flooded with homemade stuff :(

    I realised last night my stupid cards for the stupid things I haven't tried to sell yet now have the wrong website on them. grr!