Friday, July 9, 2010

Calico Softie

This little dolly was made using one of Ella's drawings.

I got her to draw a picture of a doll, then I traced the outline onto some unbleached calico (leaving a seam allowance), cut out two identical pieces, sewed them together, turned it in the right way and stuffed it with some polyester fill, then let Ella loose with some permanant fabric markers! The hair is made from black wool and stitched down to secure it.

This was a really quick and easy project, and a lot of fun! I think it took us about two hours in total (and that's with me stopping for 30 minutes to talk on the phone lol) The hardest part was definitely the legs! Turning them back the right way after sewing the seams was hard enough, then getting the stuffing into them was near impossible! I had to slowly poke it in bit by bit with a pencil lol

Ella has named her 'Mary' so that she can look after the lamb I made yesterday ("Mary had a little lamb..." lol)


  1. omg where do you find these things?! lol

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  3. I don't know lol. Ideas just pop into my head and then I either look for a tutorial or make it up myself.

  4. Try a chopstick next time for the legs and to push the stuffing into the legs ;)

    What an awesome idea, and very fun project!!

  5. Hehe! So cute! Use your knitting needles to turn things right way round :) (just don't get too enthusiastic and poke through!)