Saturday, July 24, 2010

Misha the Giraffe

This is my third attempt at making a giraffe and I finally got a result I'm happy with. The first one looked more like a dinosaur than a giraffe, the second one looked slightly like a giraffe but the head was all wrong, this one is much better! I made her using the same pattern that I used for the little lambkins with a few adjustments - longer and thinner legs, a thinner body, a rounded behind with the tail attached afterwards rather than the tail being part of the main body, a much much longer neck, a completely different head shape, and different shaped ears. Actually I don't think ANY of the original lamb pattern is in there.

I'm really unoriginal when it comes to naming things and usually everything ends up being called Mary or Molly so I looked up the Perth Zoo online and discovered that their female giraffe is named Misha, so my giraffe is going to be named after her :)

I have been wanting to make a giraffe for ages now but have never been able to find any giraffe print fabric, so there was some definite SQUEEE's when I found this giraffe fleece at Textile Traders. Very cheap too, it cost me $2.40 for 40cm off the bolt and I'll be able to make at least 5 out of that amount.


  1. I LOVE her!!!She looks lovely. You're very clever.