Saturday, July 24, 2010

Olga The Pig

Jayden got this cute little book for his birthday this year and the other day while reading it to him I noticed that Olga the Pig is made from fabric very very similar to some fabric that I have in my stash. Anyway, this got the wheels turning in my head and I thought I'd have a go at turning the picture in the book into an actual toy.

Since I only had the head in the picture to work with I started out by drawing what the rest of the body might look like. I am a TERRIBLE drawer so I'm not going to share my picture here but trust me, it looked pretty bad =p I then traced around the picture to get the body shape, cut out all my pieces and stitched them up, then turned it all in the right way and filled with stuffing.

This is the final result. It ended up looking not much like the original picture, and it's completely different to my terrible sketch, but the kids still love it so that's considered a success for me =p


  1. Thats awesome i thought it was the exact same fabric!!!! i love this!! xx

  2. Lol, i think you need to give yourself more credit! Tell me you made a cute curly tail...

  3. Gorgeous!!! Love that little piggy. :)